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Katy Owens for
Utah Senate District 19

We need a Utah with vibrant, healthy communities that work for everyone.

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Support our teachers

Both of my parents were public school teachers. Growing up, I watched them work long hours and on weekends, but they still had a tough time getting ahead. This year as we parents juggled teaching our kids at home, we’ve seen firsthand how valuable our teachers are. Every teacher deserves our support, and every child should have access to the same quality educational opportunities.

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Choices in healthcare

Our current healthcare system doesn’t give us choices. When I was growing up, my brother had a heart condition that put my family into medical debt and forced my parents into a lot of difficult decisions. They were restricted in the kinds of jobs they could take and where we could live to make sure my brother could get the care he needed. As an adult, he’s had to do the same.

My husband and I face the same limitations. Like many Utahns, I’m a small business owner with no health insurance, so my husband has to have a job that provides our family with the health insurance we need. Utahns should have the freedom to have quality healthcare.

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A government that listens

Utahns are voting in greater numbers and are making their voices heard. We passed ballots measures on public schools, healthcare and fair districts just to have the legislature undo them. Our democracy depends on the participation of our citizens and we are doing our part. We deserve to be represented in state government.