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The Future of Election Administration 

Author of Chapter 9: Building Terminology in the Field


Deseret News

Lieutenant governor announces personnel changes

"In addition, Katy Owens Hubler will oversee the Voting Equipment Selection Committee in its duties to evaluate and recommend voting equipment. She is known nationally for her extensive policy experience, having served as senior policy specialist for the National Conference of State Legislatures."


Quoted in Why Election Technology is Stuck in the Stone Age

“We’re ironically seeing a move back to the paper ballot,” says Katy Owens Hubler, a researcher at Democracy Research LLC. “There are organization that push internet voting, but a consensus within election administration says that this is a bad idea. This isn’t going to happen within 10 or 20 years — if ever.”

Government Technology 

Quoted in Russian Hacking Fuels Return to Paper Ballots

“States and counties were already moving toward paper ballots before 2016,” said Katy Owens Hubler, a consultant to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). “But the Russian hacking incident has brought the spotlight to this issue.”

Electionline Weekly 

Author, State Election Legislation Outlook


Author, Common Data Format for Elections

NCSL LegisBrief

Author, Voting Systems Standards, Testing and Certification

NCSL LegisBrief

Author, Electronic Poll Books