We're all helpers

When there’s a natural disaster or something scary happening in the world we parents like to take a line from Mr. Rogers: “Look for the helpers.”

In the midst of this pandemic, we're all the helpers. We're all helping to "flatten the curve" to make sure that our healthcare system has the capacity to handle the most serious cases of COVID-19.

This morning I wanted to spread that message of supporting each other to my kids. So when we went out to the backyard to play and their neighborhood friends were out too, it was important that they knew that we stayed physically apart to protect the vulnerable among us.

We’ve always loved getting outside but over these last two weeks of social distancing it’s become absolutely essential to our well-being. If this were last spring the neighbor boys would’ve climbed over their fence to come play on our swingset, or my kids would’ve gone over to jump on their trampoline. But in this time of COVID-19 they stayed on their side of the fence and we stayed on ours, chatting about kid stuff.

It’s been two weeks since my kids have gone to school or been able to play with anyone other than each other. And aside from a little more bickering and restless energy than usual, they’ve been mostly okay. Kids are resilient and are starting to learn that everyone can be a helper.

There is no shortage of heroic helpers to point to right now. From the healthcare workers putting their own safety at risk to help others, the teachers stepping up to try to teach our kids remotely, the drivers and grocery store clerks who are keeping our shelves stocked, to little kids staying on their side of the fence. We’ve all come together to help each other.

I’m starting this blog partly as a way to reach out because I can’t meet or talk with people in person right now. But I also hope to remind everyone that we’re all in this together. If you’re feeling out of sorts or not sure where to turn, others are too. And for every person worried about running out of toilet paper there’s someone else worried about losing a roof over their head.

I’m compiling some resources for those who need information and support. If you know of others please comment.

Numbers to Call:

  • Utah Coronavirus Information Line: 1-800-453-7707

  • Summit County Community Concerns Line: 435-333-0050

  • Weber-Morgan Health Information Line: 801-399-7777

Web Resources:

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